The SonicMAC GNB System is a bio-wall that provides extraordinary acoustic insulation capacity, well above standard devices (panels). It is a device for reducing noise with very low environmental impact based on Maccaferri’s Green Terramesh® system.

   The system is built from a metallic structure and modular elements that are filled, compacted and stacked one on top of the other to form the biowall. The modules and components are pre-manufactured in our factories to reduce assembly time on site.

  Own Weight                                               (EN 1794-1:2011 Annex B.2)

   Nominal height


   H= 4,0 m

77.80 kN/m

   H = 3,4 m

62.10 kN/m

   H = 2,7 m

47.50 kN/m

   H = 2,0 m

34.00 kN/m

   It is a new concept of acoustic screen that not only allows integration into the environment from its installation, but thanks to the characteristics of the upper part of the barrier, it allows its use as a planter and consequently facilitates a possible revegetation by means of climbing plants of the high down in addition to those to be installed on the base

   SonicMAC GNB is a durable system, fast to build and compared to similar solutions it has a low maintenance cost and does not require a formal foundation.

   It is a system compatible with many species of plants, which can be selected depending on the particular environment in which the screen is to be placed.

   The installer / contractor only has to respect the assembly and installation manual supplied to be able to enjoy the benefits declared in the mandatory CE certification according to EN 14388: 2015: Road traffic noise reduction devices – Specifications as it is a harmonized standard according to Directive 89/106 / EEC.