Anti-avalanches Barriers

   Our nets and anti-avalanche snow barriers reduce considerably the risk of avalanches. They are designed to stabilize the snow cover in the potential avalanche start area, thus avoiding its triggering.

   The volume of snow exerts a pressure, which is absorbed by the nets and transmitted to the ground by means of a system of micro piles and fixing points using cable anchors. The flexibility of our system of anti-avalanche snow barriers is key in reducing the loads exerted on the structure, allowing a more efficient installation.

   Our anti-avalanche snow barriers are certified by the Swiss Federal Institute for Snow and Avalanche Behavior Research in Davos, are approved by the Federal Specialized Commission on Avalanches and Rockfalls (EKLS) and are approved by the Federal Department of Environment (BAFU-FOEN).

ErdoX Snow

   ErdoX Snow structures are protective measures that are placed in the avalanche initiation areas and stabilize the snow cover. This limits the volumes of snow that can be moved reducing the overall risk of avalanche hazard. The ErdoX Snow support structure is a modular unit with a single anchoring element. It has a front cruciform panel structure made of hot galvanized steel beams (EN ISO 1461: 2009) that allows quick joints. One of the two bundles is divided into two connected parts to facilitate the transport of “folded units”.