Green Terramesh®

  Green Terramesh® is an environmentally friendly modular system used to form vegetated (green) faced soil reinforced slopes (also known as Mechanically Stabilised Earth) and embankments. It has been used globally on some of the most significant infrastructure schemes. On taller slopes and structures, it can also be used in conjunction with our high performance primary geogrids, ParaLink®, ParaGrid® and MacGrid® WG.

   It consists of pre-fabricated units of double twisted wire mesh (8×10 type) lined with an erosion control blanket and stiffened with a welded mesh panel. Two pre-formed steel braces are supplied to be connected at the job site to maintain the unit to the required slope angle. The angled front face and the erosion control blanket are designed to facilitate the establishment of natural vegetation of the units; an important requirement of Green Terramesh®.

   The characteristics of erosion control blanket vary depending on the conditions of where the Green Terramesh® is to be used; “Water Type” or “Earth Type”.

   As all components are factory fitted, Green Terramesh® is more rapid to install than competitor reinforced soil systems. The unit is simply erected on site, the bracing angles support the face at the designated angle without the need for any external formwork or shuttering. Structural backfill is placed upon the soil reinforcement geogrids, and a suitable fill is placed immediately behind the front face. For example on a revegetating ‘Earth Type’ unit, good quality topsoil would be placed immediately behind the front face to promote the rapid vegetation of the slope.
The Green Terramesh® main unit is fabricated from heavily galvanized GalMac® and polymer coated steel wire.

   Green Terramesh® units are produced in our factories around the world, in many of which the management and production system is certified in compliance with ISO 9001.
In selected factories, the Green Terramesh® units are produced in compliance with CPR – Construction Product Regulation 305/2011, having EC marking in compliance with ETA-13/0295. The management and production system is certified in compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 (related to the environmental management system).