Experimental activity to optimise fibre reinforced concrete:

Maccaferri is carrying out an extensive experimental campaign, in collaboration with some Italian and international university institutes, to classify the whole fibre range.

In addition to obtaining the characteristic data on concrete reinforced with metal fibres, the research work is aimed at acheiving the constituting law σ-w required for structural analysis in the Non Linear field, with F.E.M. calculation codes of the ABAQUS or DIANA type.

Maccaferri has subsidiaries and associates world wide and ample experience in the sector; from consultancy to design, both for construction as well as installation firms, in order for your company to be able to make optimum use of fibre reinforced concrete.

Bianchini offers you advice on all kinds of projects and provides you powerful analysis and calculation tools, such as PAVE®, a software to calculate and design fibre reinforced concrete pavements.



Bianchini provides dosage equipment designed to work with different material presentation formats and adjusted to each works and their level of production.


Portable equipment designed to work with 20kg boxes / sacks of fibres.
It works with a pressurised air system that transports the fibres through a pipe to the funnel on the concrete mixer truck. Its performance may reach 40-80 kg/min.

INCITE SF500S - DOSO 1.6/2.0

Fixed equipment for use at concrete plants. These are exclusively for use with big bags and have a loading capacity up to 1600 kg. With a performance of up to 200 kg/min., they may dose in different ways: directly onto the concrete mixer truck, unloading in the aggregate tray at the plant and unloading on the mixer feed chute for prefabricated units.