Asphalt reinforcement

Asphalt reinforcement


Asphalt layers on roads, motorways and runways at airports constantly suffer from external actions of loads according to the traffic and temperature oscillations, The medium or long terms effects are mainly production and propagation and cracks or ruts in the structures. Reinforcement of the asphalt layers with geosynthetic materials may be used to inhibit propagation of cracks in new construction, or their reflection in asphalt layers laid on old layers or concrete structures. The most adequate materials in this case are rigid geomeshes. The presence of a mesh does not delay commercement of formation of propagation cracaccess. A reinforcement element in the asphalt layer may increase its life by a factor of three.

The A. Bianchini Ingeniero, S.A. product range to reinforce asphalt includes different polyester and fibreglass meshes, as well as geocompounds (geomesh + geotextile) intended to cover multiple applications and needs.

MacGrid® AR /AR V geomeshes and AR G/AR VG geocompounds are flat synthetic fibre structures (series AR: polyester fibre, series AR V: fibreglass) lined with a polymer protective layer.
MacGrid® AR/AR V geomeshes have a square shaped mesh and the structure may be simple or connected to an unwoven geotexile (series AR G / AR VG) to expedite laying the material on site. The material is also available with a pressure sensitive adhesive. The MacGrid® AR/AR V product range has been developed specifically to reinforce asphalt.


The graph shows that, after steel mesh, fibreglass provides the best features with regard to decreasing propagation of cracks in roads. Fibreglass, on the contrary to steel, has the advantage of easy destruction by conventional milling, so it does not cause any problems in maintenance operations.